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Posted on: April 8, 2008 11:43 am

With the draft just around the corner...

Hello my good fans of the Mighty Cheez... how is life?

With what is hopefully the last snow of the year (however doubtful that might be), I sit down to discuss the newest newsy news in Packerland.

The draft is right around the corner and the Packers Big Guys aren't enlightening us a whole lot on who they're looking at. Everyone has their own mock drafts out and about but no one really cares about the Packers. We have a crappy pick, thanks to our 13-3 season, so most of the big gunners will be gone from the board. I don't know about you, but I don't know if I totally trust Ted Thompson when it comes to drafting. AJ Hawk was an outstanding pick, and Aaron Rodgers--well we'll see how he pans out. LAST year's pick totally baffled me. There were far more talented players on the board than Justin Harrell, someone who didn't see grass his senior year at Tennessee. At the very least we could have drafted someone and then traded. Well let's see what the old dude has up his leave this year. God knows it can't be worse than last. On a happier note, the Packers will be holding their annual Lambeau Field Draft Party for those of you fortunate to actually live in Wisconsin. While the coaches and VIPs are burrowed away determining the future of the Cheez, players will be there to mingle and greet fans as well as sign autographs.

Once that is out of the way and summer has faded, the pre season will once again arrive, reminding us that no matter who retired, the football world does go on. The Packers pre season schedule has been announced--their two home games will be against Cincinnatti and Tennessee and their two road games will be @ San Francisco and @ Denver.

Shedding yet another tear for Brett Favre, I must find a Kleenez.

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