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Posted on: April 28, 2008 9:22 am

Jordy who?

Well folks, the show's over. At least until the heat of mid-July infiiltrates the hearts and minds of players young and younger in Green Bay, WI. The draft has come to a close, and the Packers step away from it in a very different position than they entered it. As of Friday, Aaron Rodgers and Craig Nall were IT. If Rodgers went down, Nall would go in. If Nall went down.... there was not end to that sentence. It's not so now. Not one, but TWO Quarterbacks share in the grave misfortune with Rodgers that is following Brett Favre. Brian Brohm, formerly of Louisville, and Matt Flynn, formerly of LSU, are the two quarterbacks whom Ted Thompson has given the responsibility of feuling young Rodgers to greantess. Here is a complete listing of the Packers 2008 Draft Class.. starting with.. Jordy who?

  • Round 2, Pick 36- WR Jordy Nelson, Kansas State
  • Round 2, Pick 56- QB Brian Brohm, Louisville
  • Round 2, Pick 60- CB Patrick Lee, Auburn
  • Round 3, Pick 91- TE Jermichael Finley, Texas
  • Round 4, Pick 102- DE Jeremy Thompson, Wake Forest
  • Round 4, Pick 135- OG Josh SItton, Central Florida
  • Round 5, Pick 150- OT Breno Giacomini, Louisville
  • Round 7, Pick 209- QB Matt Flynn, LSU
  • Round 7, Pick 217- WR Brett Swain, San Diego State

Well that about does it. Now it's up to the brilliant *cough cough* minds of Ted Thompson and his cohorts to put it together. I have my faith in Mike McCarthy, personally.

From Radio City Music Hall, in downtown New York City, I'm out!


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Posted on: April 22, 2008 5:05 pm

It's a long trip alone

Hi all- Sorry I've been away so long...I had several personal issues to deal with regarding my immediate family and now I'm back.

Well, the draft is nearly here and I'm sure the Big Cheezes of the Packers front office are busy scurrying about making moves... I can see it now... Ted Thompson reclined in one of those black padded spinny chairs with his hands folded behind his head and his elbows pointing out wearing shorts that reveal his white legs and crisp white socks that come midway up his legs and beige sandals propped up on a long oval table with some his people sitting on either sides. Perhaps Mike McCarthy adorns the other end, also in socks [moderately shorter] and sandals, but his are burried beneath the overhang of the table and his elbows are resting on it, a black, clicky pen with a finger from his left hand on one end and his right on the other... ... ... ... ... Yeah... ... ... ...

I'm sure Aaron Rodgers is anxiously awaiting draft day... because it finally means that the Packers won't be drafting a different QB to replace Brett Favre.

I'm sure the sun is shining down on Holmgren Way and Brett Favre Pass... Lombardi Avenue too. The breeze is blowing leaves across the parking lot reminding us that even without NUMBER FOUR in town, football season does come again.

I'm sure I'm not the only Packers fan who feels an emptiness in my heart... this time of year is no different. Brett isn't normally around WI during these times... no he's somewhere... nowhere... in Mississippi riding his tractor... But somehow I feel that in the heart of every Packers fan there is a knowledge, a fear, a dread-- this time, come September-- Brett Favre won't be here. He'll never be here again. It won't be... "starting at Quarterback, #4, Brett Favre!!"... never...ever...again.

And though the sorrow I feel every day hurts more and more, I can remember that no matter what happens, there will always be another season. Even if it means Brett won't be here...football will be played, games won and lost, and the legend of a little town called Green Bay, WI will continue to grow...

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Posted on: April 8, 2008 11:43 am

With the draft just around the corner...

Hello my good fans of the Mighty Cheez... how is life?

With what is hopefully the last snow of the year (however doubtful that might be), I sit down to discuss the newest newsy news in Packerland.

The draft is right around the corner and the Packers Big Guys aren't enlightening us a whole lot on who they're looking at. Everyone has their own mock drafts out and about but no one really cares about the Packers. We have a crappy pick, thanks to our 13-3 season, so most of the big gunners will be gone from the board. I don't know about you, but I don't know if I totally trust Ted Thompson when it comes to drafting. AJ Hawk was an outstanding pick, and Aaron Rodgers--well we'll see how he pans out. LAST year's pick totally baffled me. There were far more talented players on the board than Justin Harrell, someone who didn't see grass his senior year at Tennessee. At the very least we could have drafted someone and then traded. Well let's see what the old dude has up his leave this year. God knows it can't be worse than last. On a happier note, the Packers will be holding their annual Lambeau Field Draft Party for those of you fortunate to actually live in Wisconsin. While the coaches and VIPs are burrowed away determining the future of the Cheez, players will be there to mingle and greet fans as well as sign autographs.

Once that is out of the way and summer has faded, the pre season will once again arrive, reminding us that no matter who retired, the football world does go on. The Packers pre season schedule has been announced--their two home games will be against Cincinnatti and Tennessee and their two road games will be @ San Francisco and @ Denver.

Shedding yet another tear for Brett Favre, I must find a Kleenez.

Until next time,


Posted on: April 1, 2008 1:22 pm

MNF vs the Vikings

Hi all...

Not too much to report since until the draft this is a slow time. And I have the great privilege of dealing with a nasty cold.

Really the only thing of great interest going on right now is the Packers first opponent of the 2008 season has been announced and it is none other than the Minnesota Vikingsqueens! And...it just gets better...it will be at Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football! Could Aaron Rodgers ask for a better starting debue? I think not.

Can't wait for the draft... in the meantime, hang on to your cheezheads.

Later peeps.


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Posted on: March 26, 2008 11:33 am
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Posted on: March 26, 2008 11:33 am

Question to the Fans #1

Ok guys, here's the deal with this blog. Occasionally I'm going to ask a question to the fans instead of posting news about the Packers. I want everybody's thoughts on my question of the blog whether they agree with me or not. We're all Packers fans, after all.

Here is today's question:


I want to know what you think... should they draft someone, trade, free agency? Do tell...

Enjoy your Wednesday...


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