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Posted on: April 22, 2008 5:05 pm

It's a long trip alone

Hi all- Sorry I've been away so long...I had several personal issues to deal with regarding my immediate family and now I'm back.

Well, the draft is nearly here and I'm sure the Big Cheezes of the Packers front office are busy scurrying about making moves... I can see it now... Ted Thompson reclined in one of those black padded spinny chairs with his hands folded behind his head and his elbows pointing out wearing shorts that reveal his white legs and crisp white socks that come midway up his legs and beige sandals propped up on a long oval table with some his people sitting on either sides. Perhaps Mike McCarthy adorns the other end, also in socks [moderately shorter] and sandals, but his are burried beneath the overhang of the table and his elbows are resting on it, a black, clicky pen with a finger from his left hand on one end and his right on the other... ... ... ... ... Yeah... ... ... ...

I'm sure Aaron Rodgers is anxiously awaiting draft day... because it finally means that the Packers won't be drafting a different QB to replace Brett Favre.

I'm sure the sun is shining down on Holmgren Way and Brett Favre Pass... Lombardi Avenue too. The breeze is blowing leaves across the parking lot reminding us that even without NUMBER FOUR in town, football season does come again.

I'm sure I'm not the only Packers fan who feels an emptiness in my heart... this time of year is no different. Brett isn't normally around WI during these times... no he's somewhere... nowhere... in Mississippi riding his tractor... But somehow I feel that in the heart of every Packers fan there is a knowledge, a fear, a dread-- this time, come September-- Brett Favre won't be here. He'll never be here again. It won't be... "starting at Quarterback, #4, Brett Favre!!"... never...ever...again.

And though the sorrow I feel every day hurts more and more, I can remember that no matter what happens, there will always be another season. Even if it means Brett won't be here...football will be played, games won and lost, and the legend of a little town called Green Bay, WI will continue to grow...

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Posted on: March 27, 2008 1:03 pm

Retirement News

Hello my fellow Cheezheads...

Just in case anyone hadn't heard, Rob Davis has officially retired from the NFL and will now join the Packers office staff as Director of Player Development. Having been the Packers' long snapper for 11 years, Davis holds the 3rd place position for consecutive games behind Brett Favre and Forrest Gregg. His new position with the Packers will include helping to maintain locker room cohesiveness and overall player health. Having been a Packer for so long, this task will no doubt be a great fit for Davis.

Also, for those diehard Cheez fans like me, I have included a little interivew with Mason Crosy, Packers kicker, in this blog, courtesy of www.packers.com.

How does it feel to be back?
It's good. It's kind of different, just thinking we're going to be lifting and working out. It's a new feel, with a bunch of the young guys here working out the first two weeks. It's good though. I was getting ready to get back and get in the groove of things.

Looking back, can you describe the emotions of losing the NFC Championship?
It was hard. All of a sudden it was done and we were on our own. I was so used to college, when the season's over and you know you still have school in the spring. So it was weird. I didn't know what to do with myself for a little while. I just kept working out, traveling around. So I feel good being back. It's been a good time off, and I'm ready to have that routine again.

What did you do to help get over it, recover from it?
I just tried to shut down, not think about football for a week. 'All right, it's done,' and you have to regroup, and now it's starting for next season. We're already in the new year, getting ready for next year. You take a week to say football is over for right now, and you build back up to coming back and getting ready to go. Right now it's just going to be lifting and running and getting back into shape, and I look forward to that, just getting the legs stronger and getting ready for next year.

How did it feel to see the Giants win the Super Bowl?
Obviously they had the system, they had something going where they weren't going to be denied. They put it together one more game. There's always that story that it's good to see the team you lose to win it all, but it kind of hurt, because you see that and we knew we should have been there, playing for that game, and I think we would have been in the same position.

What have you been up to during the offseason?
I went to Boulder the week after the game. I drove with a buddy out there, and that was nice to clear your mind with a long drive. I was in Boulder for a couple days and then I flew down to Texas, spent time with my family for a couple weeks. Then back to Boulder for another couple of weeks. I was in and out of Green Bay, coming back for Fan Fest. I kind of feel like I have three homes now - Green Bay, Boulder and Texas. I just made the circuit and spent a little time at each spot.

What's been the biggest highlight for you since the season ended?
Probably this last week. I went back home down to Texas, and an English soccer team comes in every year to my hometown. I was able to spend some time with them. They're a youth team, but that was a cool experience spending time with people from over in England. I've never really gotten to spend a lot of time with them individually before.

So did you play any soccer?
No, I didn't play. They come to America for a tournament in Dallas every year, an international tournament. They come for two weeks before to get acclimated, and then they go up to Dallas and play. They were an under-19 team, and we took them around. They played some matches and I got to watch. It was pretty enjoyable and relaxing.

If you had to grade yourself on your 2007 season, what grade would you give yourself?
That's a tough one. I didn't reach all my goals necessarily, so I'd probably say B-plus, something like that. I try to have high standards for myself, so now that this season is behind me, there are standards for next year. I'll have to get that percentage a little higher, but I have a mark and now it's time to build on that.

What's your biggest focus for the offseason program?
Just to keep getting flexibility, get in shape, running and lifting-wise. I just have to keep that leg strength up, work on that, and I'll work on my footwork and technique to the ball. I want to make sure I make good contact every time. That's kind of the mindset. We're not going to kick a lot early on right now, but it's one of those I can keep working on my footwork and my steps and make sure whenever we start hitting the ball that I'm hitting it consistently. Just the timing of the whole thing.

What was your personal favorite moment of last season, on or off the field?
On the field it had to be the game-winner that first game. Just starting off that way was unbelievable. Personally, my off-the-field thing was getting engaged. That was pretty exciting. It's nice being able to know I'll have some stability there.

When's the wedding?
It's in June, the end of June, right after all the mini-camps and stuff.

What are you most looking forward to about 2008? I imagine the wedding is pretty high on the list ...
Yeah, that's pretty high obviously. Personally, that's probably the biggest thing right now. My brother is graduating from high school, and that's pretty important to me and my family and everything. Otherwise, I think just going into next year, competing and making the team again and making sure I've improved from last year. That's probably my biggest thing, is making sure I set some good, solid goals and try to reach those.


Thanks to Mason Crosby for a great rookie year of kicking! Not only did he lead the league in scoring (first rookie since 1985 to do so), but he also surpassed Ryan Longwell's record for Packer points in one season. Congrats Mason! Invite us to the wedding!

Hope you enjoyed this... I will try to include interviews as often as I can.

Until later...


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