Posted on: August 3, 2008 2:16 am

Big Catch

Wow, I feel like I left home and just came back. Unfortunately I've been gone from sportsline for a couple months due to some personal happenings including a temporary move to St. Louis that didn't work out.


Anyway, they say that no news is good news. Well there certainly seems to be an abundance of news surrounding the Packers organization and players lately. It's not news to anyone that the ongoing battle between the Packers and Brett Favre has by no means ceased. The newest stuff on that front is that Brett does not want to accept a financial reconciliation in attempt to keep him in retirement. Meanwhile, Roger Goodell stated in an interview today that he will most likely rule on Favre's reinstatement on Monday and he is hopeful the front office and Favre will have things mostly resolved by then. Good luck with that, Roger.

Now for a word from ME on the matter of what/where/when Brett Favre shall play:

What- It's obvious that Brett know realizes sitting down on his tractor for 12 months out of the year is not a phase of life he is ready to accept. He forgot the love, passion, and itch he has for the game of football and only focused on how his body and brain were completely exhausted by season's end.

Where- Any sensible Packers fan will tell you that we don't want to see our beloved QB hero play anywhere besides the Frozen Tundra. But obviously our passionate fanhood is not the only thing to consider here. Brett's a normal human being who has a drive and commitment to be the best he can be for the longest he can be. Personally, I would cry and have a nervous breakdown at the sight of Favre in the uniform of any other team ESPECIALLY the Minnesota Vikings.

When- As soon as Roger rules, the Packers will have 24 hours to trade him, release him, or move him to their active roster. So keep your eyes peeled for that.


Brett Favre is the best of the best....he's the greatest of them all. Yet he is being ridiculed by biased media facilities for not being able to make up his mind. Being a diehard Favre fan myself, I have a hard time believing he would lie to thousands upon thousands of fans not to mention his superiors in the office staff.


Meanwhile, the other happening news is RB Ryan Grant was officially signed to a reported 4 year 18 million contract. No offical numbers have been released but that is a guesstimate. That's a huge deal for Ryan and we are very proud of him. He is a fantastic young player with loads of potential.


Well, my good true Packers fans....my bed time has come but please do message me...start conversation. That's what my temporarily postponed blog is for. :-)


Have a great Sunday!



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